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Frequently Asked Questions » General Questions
  1. What is the Register of Providers?
    The (Register of Providers) RoP is an on-line database of providers of Works, Services and Supplies to Government.
  2. Where does PPDA get the mandate to develop the Register of Providers?
    Section 7 (h) of the PPDA Act, 2003 and Regulation 22 of the PPDA Regulations, 2003 mandate PPDA to maintain a Register of Providers for Works, Services and Supplies.
  3. What are the benefits of the RoP?
    • Increased visibility for providers by providing PDEs with reliable up-to-date information on the competencies of the registered providersfor Works, Services and Supplies
    • Used as the first source of information on Providers by the PDEs when developing their shortlists.
    • Help identify eligible providers to participate in preference and reservation schemes thus promoting national and local business development and capacity in Uganda.
    • Instant on-line access to all bid opportunities in government for all registered providers
    • Offer a more transparent and reliable providers' data bank for all key stakeholders in Public Procurement.
    • Provide PDEs with a record of current and past contracts performance of the providers.
    • Serve as primary tool for PDEs in the identification of ownership of providers dealing with the public sector and hence insuring the integrity of the bidders.
  4. What are the applicable registration fees? Providers will pay fees for registration as follows:
    • Works - Ug. Shs. 187,500 or US$ 125
    • Consultancy Services - Ug. Shs. 150,000 or US$ 100
    • Supplies/Non consultancy Services - Ug. Shs 150,000 or US$ 100
  5. Do providers have to pay registration fees for all the three categories in case they have competences in three sectors and do they have to pay annual renewal fees for all categories?
    Yes. Providers have to pay registration and renewal fees for the three categories if they have competences in all of them.
  6. How do providers prove that have paid registration fees?
    By attaching a copy of the bank deposit slip to the application.
  7. Where do providers pay the registration fees?
    Providers can pay in any Bank of their convenience provided they have generated a payment advice slip from the URA website. A Payment Guideline can be downloaded here
  8. Where do providers get the Application Forms?
    The application form must be filled and submitted on-line going through 5 steps using the "Registration" Link
  9. What documents do providers have to submit with the Application Form?
    • A printed-out and signed Providers Application Form.
    • All relevant supporting documents as per Section 5 of the Application Form; namely:
      • RP 1 Copy of Certificate of Incorporation /Registration
      • RP 2 Copy of Current Trading License or equivalent.
      • RP 3 Copy of TIN Certificate
      • RP 4 Copy of VAT registration Certificate (if applicable to the Business)
      • area, discipline or code.
      • RP 5 Letter of Authorization for signatory to submit application for registration on behalf of the Provider
      • RP 6 Proof of payment (e.g. copy of bank deposit slip or remittance advice)
  10. Is it permitted for providers to fill in the Application Form manually if they do not have access to internet?
    No,Providers must fill in their application online.
  11. How will eligibility documents submitted by international companies be verified to avoid brief case companies?
    Through use of Commercial Attaches' of Diplomatic Missions.
  12. Is it a guarantee that if providers are registered on the RoP, they will get government business?
    No. It is not a guarantee but the Register will be a first source of information for PDEs when developing short lists.
  13. Do registered providers get preference over bidders who are not registered on the RoP?
    Yes, when implementing preference and reservation schemes Providers are required to be registered to be eligible for preference and reservation.
  14. What is the relationship between the RoP and pre-qualification at PDE level?
    Procuring and Disposing Entities are mandated to pre-qualify providers, however they will be encouraged to only use the RoP since it will have up-to-date and reliable information on providers.
  15. What is the relationship between the RoP and open bidding?
    The Register of Providers will be used in short listing providers under restricted/selective bidding and Request For Quotations/Proposals while open bidding is open to all providers whether on the RoP or not.
  16. How will PPDA ensure confidentiality of documents submitted by providers?
    Confidential information submitted by providers will only be accessible by registered PDEs, Register of Providers Secretariat staff and authorized GoU agencies such as PPDA.

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