The National Register of Providers (RoP) is established by Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) under specific mandate from the PPDA Act.

The Register of Providers (RoP is an online database of providers of Works, Services and goods to the Government of Uganda. Its purpose is to offer reliable and up-to-date information on the competencies of providers. Procuring and Disposing Entities will use the RoP as the primary tool in identifying suitable providers of Works, Supplies and Services.

The overall objective of the establis1nt of a Register of Providers is to create a sustainable and vibrant web-based forum and focal point for Procurement and Disposal Entities (PDEs) and Providers with a publicly accessible database, according to the requirements laid out in the PPDA Act.

The RoP enables PDEs and Providers to carry out efficient procurement operations by availing relevant and reliable information in a convenient and transparent manner.

The RoP website has a public area for public access and a closed website for primary users such as PDEs, PPDA, verification partners and oversight agencies. The system illustrated in this website user manual (the manual) has a range of uses for the collected data that support PDE's, PPDA and other GoU agencies in their work. In addition, the RoP website contains facilities for building a comprehensive PDE database that links providers' data on matters such as past performance, geographic location and current projects.

The website also provides extra options for providers such as direct advertising on the system and facilities to store and access submitted documentation directly from the PDEs in a verified documents database. The RoP system will allow PDEs to make their procurement shortlists directly in the system and post RFPs, announce contract awards, comment and give scores on project performance by the provider.