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Scheduling an advert display

Any registered RoP user can add an advertisement. In addition to such specifications as advert type, sections, class, users can also include special conditions on where and how long they want their advert to be displayed. However, only the RoP administrator approves and schedules the advertisement for publishing after ensuring that: the advertisement fees have been paid, all set standards (of size and format) are met and that the ads do not violate the RoP terms of use.

To schedule an advert:

  1. Log into your administrator profile
  2. Click on "Approve Advertisements" link to view the unapproved adverts
  3. Click on the "Approve" link next to the advertisement to be approved. A page is displayed showing advert details.
  4. To schedule the advert, select the "From Date" field (which shows a date picker) and a "To Date" field. After ensuring that all the other details are correctly entered,
  5. Click the Approve button.

Clicking "Approve" should approve the advert and automatically transfer the user to the receipt generating page. The advert owner receives an email informing them of the approval of the advertisement plus other details (such as advert position, payment amount, paid period, a link to the terms of advertisement, etc)