Frequently Asked Questions » How to get Featured

Having your website featured on the RoP is similar to telling a thousand people about your Business and Expertize.
Once your site is included on the PPDA Register of Providers, increased exposure is all but guaranteed, bringing more traffic to your site.

These steps can help you get started.

Step 1: Create a good, well-written website or Logo that is optimized for search engines. Submit the article/Logo to the RoP secretariat.

Step 2: Include links in the article or excerpt from the site. The links should be for products or other sites. These links will help to increase traffic.

Step 3: Reap the benefits of increased exposure, which will include the inclusion of your article/Logo or excerpt from RoP website being featured on our major search engines, news aggregation and more visitors.

Step 4: Watch the exposure for your site increase.

Thanks for the inclusion of your article, logo, and banner advert or excerpt on the RoP website.

Contact the RoP secretariat to have your advert uploaded.