Frequently Asked Questions » Registration Step2

This is where you give us the contact details about your company.

  • Organization's Details
    Enter the official registered name of the Organization, its TIN-number and if applicable the VAT registration number. Tick the correct Organization legal status as registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau or with the appropriate Authority responsible for registration of corporations in the Organizations' home Country. The Organization name, TIN and VAT numbers and the ownership status should be similar to those appearing on the on the supporting documents under Section 5 of the Application Form.
  • Organization Address
    Enter the address and other details of your Organization's Head Office. The address should be identical with the address on the supporting documents under Section 5 unless this has been changed.
  • Organizations Bankers Address
    Enter the address and other details of the Organization's main bank
  • Financials
    Enter extracts from the Organization's (audited) financial accounts for the last 2 years, as requested. Uganda based organizations should submit the information in "Shillings". Foreign based organizations may submit in "US Dollars". Please specify (tick) the Currency used for the entry.
  • Organizations Ownership Details
    Enter name and designation of the Organization's ownership and their respective percentage share of ownership. If the Organization is owned by other corporations/companies, please indicate the name of the ultimate owner and enter type of Legal Person under: Position/Designation
  • Authorized Representative(s)
    Enter the details of the person your Organization has authorized as signatory. The authorized representative is similar to the person in the "Letter of Authorization for Signatory" submitted as supporting document and the witnessed signatory on the application form.
  • Staff authorized to maintain the Provider profile on the Register of Providers
    Nominate at least 1 Approver / Administrator, to act as approver and system administrator on behalf of the organization. Additional Data Entry Clerks may be created on-line by the Administrator. Organizations without access to the internet may request the Register of Provider Secretariat to maintain their information and submit changes / updates to their information in writing signed by the authorized representative (above).