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Organizations Statement of Core Competences, Experiences and Values

Organizations Experience

  1. Organizations Statement of Core Competences, Experiences and Values
    Please enter a statement on the Organizations core competences, experiences and values (max. 500 characters). The statement may highlight properties of the Organization and its products and competencies to supplement Project Experience below.

  2. Reference Projects and Past Experience
    The Organization may select a number of past projects or contracts performed for GoU or its agencies to demonstrate its experience and capacity. Projects should not be older than 5 years from the registration date. The paper application form has 5 entries for past projects additional projects can be entered on-line or on an extra sheet of paper.
    • Project ID should be the Procurement Reference Number used by the PDE - if available/applicable
    • PDE/Client is the Procuring and Disposing Entity that contracted the service/Supplies/Works
    • The Project Title refers to the name of the procurement.
    • Contract Sum should be in UGX or USD (foreign organizations)
    • Duration refers to the duration of the contract / project from [start year and month] to [end year and month]
    • Project Description allows the Provider to enter a free text briefly explaining the contract / project (Max. 200 characters)
    • URL: If the Organization has a web-page with additional information, pictures etc. of the project the webpage URL can be entered in this field to enable PDEs to look for additional information.