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These are the supporting documents that are required as attachments to the application:

The following supporting documents are required as attachments to the application:

  1. RP 1 Copy of Certificate of Incorporation /Registration
  2. RP 2 Copy of Current Trading License or equivalent.
  3. RP 3 Copy of TIN Certificate
  4. RP 4 Copy of VAT registration Certificate (if applicable to the Business)
  5. RP 5 Copy of Certificate(s) of Compliance with applicable national, regional or international standards in the relevant core operational area, discipline or code.
  6. RP 6 Letter of Authorization for signatory to submit application for registration on behalf of the Provider
  7. RP 7 Proof of payment (e.g. copy of bank deposit ctip or remittance advice)

The Organization may submit additional supporting documents e.g. Ethical code of conduct, Integrity pacts etc. Please enter the name of the additional documents to the "Additional attachment Table"

If the Organization does on-line registration, scanned copies in PDF format may be uploaded as part of the on-line registration process.

The Application Form shall be signed by the Authorized Signatory.