Frequently Asked Questions » Information I need before Registration

To obtain maximum benefits from the RoP, providers are advised to submit accurate and relevant information about their organizations at registration. Users are further advised to prepare this information before they start the registration process. Some of the information required at registration is:

  1. The business sectors in which you operate. The RoP has special business sectors, which are initially broken down into three categories: Supplies, Services and Works. These are further broken down into many more sub-categories Details about your organization - Tax
  2. identification number (TIN), VAT registration number, legal status (e.g. limited company, partnership etc), date of registration, full address details, your bankers, financial information (capital base, total assets, turnover and profit after tax for the past two years), details about the owners of your organization and the name and TIN of your authorized representative for RoP purposes.
  3. Details about your organization's key staff - their TIN, bio data, position in the organization, academic and professional qualifications and work experience.
  4. Your organization's experience in its chosen sectors - you will be requested to summarize your organization's experience and competencies in no more than 200 words. In addition you will be requested to submit key words about your organization so it can feature prominently in user search results. You will be prompted to submit details about the key projects executed by your organizations - project ID (where applicable), project title, contract sum, duration and where available a URL (online link) to further details about the projects
  5. The following Certified supporting documents:
    • Certificate of incorporation or registration
    • Current trading licence or equivalent
    • Certificate of compliance with applicable national, regional or international standards in the relevant core operational area
    • Letter of authorization for signatory to submit the application for registration on behalf of the organization.
  6. The applicable registration fees. Registration fees are charged depending on which category you are registering for.