1. Click on the register link on the website. The register link can befound near the login form or other sections of the website.
  2. Select the category under which you would like to register. Availablecategories include: Provider, PDE/Government Agency and Other. The Other option requires special approval from the RoP Secretariat.
  3. Select the business sector(s) under which your organizationoperates. The sectors are grouped under PPDA's three standardprocurement categories: Works, Supplies and Services. Once you selectone of these categories, you will be able to select the specificsector(s) in which your organization operates and Click the Next Stepbutton to continue.
  4. Add the organization details. All fields are required to proceed to thenext step (except where marked optional). When complete, click the NextStep button to continue or the Previous Step button to change anyinformation in the previous steps.
  5. Add key staff information and click the Save Staff button wheneveryou complete with each staff member. Saved staff details are summarizedat the bottom of the form. You can edit or delete any of the saved staff details. Click the Next Step button to continue.
  6. Enter a summary of the previous projects handled by theorganization, and click the Save Project Details button whenever you are done with each project. Saved projects are shown at the bottom of theform. You can edit or delete any of the saved projects. Click the NextStep button to continue.
  7. Users may opt to attach scanned copies of the required supportingdocuments. Note that the maximum size of the image allowed is 1MB. Supporting documents may be posted / hand delivered to the RoPSecretariat along with the signed registration form.
  8. Click the Preview Application button to view your profile details before you submit the application. Click the Edit link to make any changes toyour profile. After submission, you will not be able to make any further changes to your application.
  9. Click the Submit Application button to submit your application forapproval. You will receive confirmation of your submission and an emailto confirm your registration.
  10. Print the completed application form, ensure that it is signed bythe organization's authorized signatories, attach the requisitesupporting documents and deliver to the RoP Secretariat offices.
  11. After completing the registration details and submitting all therequisite information, you will be required to effect payment. Paymentshould be effected as follows to the RoP bank account specified on theregistration form.
  12. You will receive a response to your application for registration onthe RoP within 21 days. If your application is approved, you willreceive a user name and password to access your account. In case yourapplication is not approved, you will receive detailed reasons fornon-approval and guidance on what you need to do to get registered.