Frequently Asked Questions » Registration Steps

Goods and service providers to Government and Public Bodies interested in being registered may obtain application forms either from the Register of Providers Secretariat or at the Authority's office at the addresses listed below.

The application forms may also be downloaded from the Register of Providers website at or the Authority's website at Upcountry providers may pick the registration forms from the offices of the Procurement and Disposal Unit in the district or municipality nearest them.

On-line Providers may fill and submit application forms directly on

Filled application forms shall be submitted to the Register of Providers Secretariat at PPDA Home plot 39, Nakasero Road. Each provider will be issued with a registration certificate on submission of an application.

The Secretariat has the mandate to reject any application which is not responsive to the requirements and the criteria for registration.

The Secretariat shall notify each applicant in writing within 21 working days from the date of receipt of the registration form of whether their application has been accepted or not.

An applicant whose registration is rejected may submit another application.