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How do I search for bids?

There are two types of bid notices posted on the RoP:
  1. Bids which can be viewed by all users.
  2. The second type of bid notices are those viewable by only short listed providers' (the shortlist is determined by the respective PDE).

Bid notices may be uploaded to the RoP by the respective PDEs or may be obtained from scanning daily press advertisements by the RoP Secretariat.

To view bids posted to your account, Login and click on the New Bids link under projects.

New bids posted for public view are highlighted on the homepage as well as on the bids page and are arranged in order of latest bid post on top.

You can click on the "Show Oldest First (Upcoming deadlines)" to change the arrangement of the bid posts showing the oldest bid posts (which are still open to bidding) on top. Due to space limitations, not all bid posts can be shown on the home page.

To view all bid posts, click on the View All Bid Posts link which goes to a page where all bids are shown. To view more bids on this page, click on the page number (1, 2, 3, ...) or the Next and Previous links to browse through the bids. Please note that Bids are displayed with days remaining (before expiry) shown in brackets. For bids having less than 10 days, the color of the days remaining is red. All others are displayed in the default black. A link on the bid title goes to a summary of the bid requirements.

If the bid documents are free, a link will be provided to you to download the PDF format of the bid document. Otherwise you will be directed to where you can purchase the bid documents.

You can also find bids by using the RoP advanced search function. Click on the "search bid notices" link located on the home page. You will then need to specify details of your bid search (e.g. PDE name, date posted, category or reference number). Click on the search button to display the bid search results.