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How do I search for Providers?

The RoP enables you to find providers sorted into categories such as business sector, product or Services offered, past performance and the geographic area in which the Provider operates.
For a quick search for a provider:
  1. Go to the Quick Search area found on the yellow pages search page and in the left pane of all support pages
  2. Search for a provider by typing the provider name in the search field and selecting the provider's industry from the drop down menu below the search term.
  3. For a more specific search, click on the Advanced Search link.
    The advanced search enables you to search basing on desired criteria and is carried out by entering exact text of interest, specifying the search aspects or items to be displayed in the search results as well as other aspects of the organization such as the name, type of organization, staff name, project, etc.
  4. Once you have selected the specific search items, click on the search tab and you will receive search results matching your search requirements.
  5. Click on any of the resultant links in the search results and you will be directed to the details about the specific search result.