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How do I upload a newsletter?

Newsletters are sent out as communication to all or a group of users of the RoP by the Admin. Newsletters can also be uploaded to the RoP. To add a newsletter:

  1. Login and click on the Manage Newsletter link under Content. You will need to upload the newsletter document and also specify the access level for the newsletter. By default the access level for the newsletter is "Public".
  2. Click on the Submit button. The Newsletter shall be temporally stored in a list of 'pending' newsletters if the date of sending is in the future.
  3. To view this list click on the manage newsletter link found in your dashboard. You can proceed to send selected newsletters from the list. This action requires confirmation.
  4. If the Newsletter requires editing or adding/reducing the recipients, or any other amendment, click the edit link shown at the end of each list. To delete a newsletter(s), select the newsletter(s) you wish to deleted and then click on the delete button. This action requires confirmation.